June 12, 2019

Welcome dinner

June 13, 2019

“Insurers as Asset Managers and Systemic Risk” presented by Andrew Ellul (Kelley School of Business)
Discussant: Loriana Pelizzon (Goethe University Frankfurt)

“Assessing the Financial Vulnerability of the U.S. Life Insurance Industry in 2018” presented by Richard Rosen (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Discussant: Aleksandar Andonov (University of Amsterdam)

“Economic Valuation and Financial Management of an Insurance Firm” presented by Santiago Moreno (University of Zurich)
Discussant: Ulrich Horst (Humboldt University Berlin)

“Measuring the Effect of Financial Flexibility on Investment Using Insurers’ Portfolios” presented by Shan Ge (NYU Stern School of Business)
Discussant: Marcus Opp (Stockholm School of Economics)

“Private Implementation of Intergenerational Risk Sharing” presented by Johan Hombert (HEC Paris)
Discussant: Christian Gollier (Toulouse School of Economics)

“Competing Approaches to Regulating Systemic Risk in Insurance” presented by Daniel Schwarcz (University of Minnesota Law School)

June 14, 2019

“The Impact of Pensions and Insurance on Global Yield Curves” presented by Annette Vissing-Jorgensen (University of California Berkley)
Discussant: Anastasia Kartasheva (The Wharton School)

“The Subsidy to Infrastructure as an Asset Class” presented by Joshua Rauh (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Discussant: Ludovic Phalippou (University of Oxford)

“Long Horizon Investors and Market Volatility” presented by Jean-Charles Rochet (University of Geneva)
Discussant: Stéphane Villeneuve (Toulouse School of Economics)

“The Effect of Capital Regulation on Asset Allocation in the Insurance Industry” presented by Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics)
Discussant: Andrew Ellul (Kelley School of Business)